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Aikido is a Japanese Martial Art created by Morihei Ueshiba (1883-1969). He practiced various martial arts during his life and with all his experience he then created Aikido. However Aikido is more than just a combination of martial arts. It is a martial art that involves the use of joint locks and throws rather than punches and kicks. Aikido teaches you how to flow with the energy of the attack of your opponent so you can control him rather than injure him. While it is considered a martial art, Aikido is a vehicle to help us grow and develop our individual character unifying mind and body in order to harmonize ourselves with the universe. One of the main goals is to calm the spirit of the student so he can be in peace in any situation he encounters, allowing him to be able to react in the best way possible.

There are no competitions in Aikido. The founder believed that competitions generate hate, anger or disappointment between the participants. Instead, there are seminars where the students have to demonstrate, with the help of another student, what they have learned during training.

It is a martial art that focuses and teaches the growth of each individual to become a better human being. Its purpose is to unify the mind and body with a persons own natural energy so they may function as one.

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